Lactogen 1 Infant Formula – Used And Reviewed

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Review – Lactogen 1 Infant Formula
Review – Lactogen 1 Infant Formula
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  1. Easier to digest than any other formula.
  2. By far the cheapest formula available in the market.
  3. Baby poop will not change color and won’t have any odor.
  1. Makes most babies colicky.
  2. Is known to give constipation to babies.
  3. Does not have any probiotics.
Product Summary
Lactogen is best suited for your baby in case you have a tight budget as it is reasonably priced. AND if baby responds well to the formula.
Worth for Money

Next in the series of reviews of infant formulas is Lactogen 1 Infant Formula.

This one is by Nestle. One of the best things of Nestle Lactogen 1 is the price. Considering how expensive other brands of formula are, this one is the cheapest of the lot. It is very reasonably priced at Rs. 281/- for a pack of 400gms.

Nestle’s Lactogen 1 has been around for quite some time. I remember when one of my cousins (now 23 years old) was born, she was given Lactogen for whatever reason my aunt couldn’t breastfeed her. So as far as trust is concerned, it has been selling in the market for a very long time so you can be absolutely be assured that the quality of this cannot be questioned. People have trusted this brand for years.

Review on Nestle Lactogen 1
Review on Nestle Lactogen 1

Similar to other brands, Lactogen 1 also has the basic nutrients required for a baby’s growth and development. Note that I said only basic. It does not have probiotics which is basically good bacteria and yeast required by the body. If you see Nestle’s NAN Pro and Nestle’s Lactogen, the box clearly states that NAN has probiotics while Lactogen’s box says nothing on it.

Like every other infant formula, Lactogen 1 also has the same consistency when it comes to the texture. I did not find any difference in the textures of Similac Advance 1, Enfamil A+ or Lactogen. The only difference comes in when you add water.

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So first of all, Lactogen is very light on the baby’s tummy which is a great thing because it is easily digested by the baby. The bad thing is babies’ tummies are emptied earlier than they should. Which means less play and sleep time between two feeds.

Another one of the things that I disliked using Lactogen 1 was the fact that it does not come in an air tight container like other formulas do. Once you tear open the plastic bag, you have to ensure that it is tightly packed in an air tight container. And it truly becomes a hassle.

Now speaking of my experience using Lactogen for my daughter, this one I truly detested.

I was happy initially because her tummy kind of accepted the formulation. And because it was decently priced, it added to my happiness. But only after 2 days of giving lactogen to her, she started showing symptoms of nonacceptance.

There was a lot more spit up than there should be. My daughter started having episodes of wet burps, something that happens when we have acid reflux. It made her very uncomfortable.

But more than her, it was I who was because I wasn’t sure for the first 2-3 days that it could have happened because of the formula I was giving. Part of the reason being that I was still new to this experience.

Moving further, apart from the spit ups, my baby cried a lot. That could have been because of pain in her tummy. But when I did switch to Similac, the next day after the switch she was absolutely normal. No incessant crying or spit ups.

Lactogen 1 clearly did not suit my baby’s sensitive tummy. But I know quite a few mom friends who have been feeding their infants Lactogen with no problems whatsoever.

And if I talk about what I liked about using it, it was the fact that it made no difference to my baby’s poop. A breastfed baby’s poop is usually yellowish-green in color with little to no odor. And frankly, changing diapers is never a task when your baby’s poop doesn’t smell.

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But my worst nightmare was when I saw my baby’s poop changing color from yellow to the darkest green. That came with an unimaginable odor. This happened when I fed her Similac and Enfamil. But with Lactogen, at least the poop didn’t change color nor did it have any odor.
I can’t stress the fact enough and I have stressed on the same in my earlier reviews also, that when it comes to something to be ingested by a baby, every tummy reacts differently. If something suits my baby, there is no guarantee that it will suit your baby too and vice a versa.


And you’re going to have to experiment a bit with infant formulas until you find the one that suits your baby’s tummy perfectly and the one that he or she enjoys drinking also.

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