Enfamil A+ Infant Formula – Used And Reviewed

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Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo
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  1. This powder is full of all the nutrients that you 3-month-old baby needs.
  2. It could be a good product for someone, whose baby is adapted to Enfamil.
  1. Some children have shown symptoms of gas problem after its intake.
  2. In comparison to other available options, this one is expensive.
Product Summary
I have a mixed review about this product. No wonder this has all the nutritional values that are a must for your baby, however the same are available in its alternative. Honestly, I found it very expensive. Moreover, it was not a product for my baby. For someone, whose baby is adapted to Enfamil, might find it worth spending so much on, but since I think my money was wasted buying it, I have given it a low rating.
Worth for Money

When it came to choosing a formula for my daughter, I was very conscious. Mostly because it was something she had to take in and I wasn’t too sure how her body will react to it. Initially, it was all about experimenting. Enfamil A+ infant formula was one of the formula brands I tried for my baby.

I cannot stress enough the fact that once you become a mother, you ensure the well being of your baby at any cost. When it comes to buying products for the baby, you become extra conscious about whether or not it will suit them. And all of this is but natural.

Now if you ask why did I experiment with formulas with my baby, the only explanation I can give is that you are never sure what will and won’t work for your baby. If option A doesn’t work for them, you go in for option B. It is simple as that.

I have to agree that a lot of money has been spent and wasted in buying these formulas. But it doesn’t matter when it comes to the well being of your child. You have to make sure they get the best of everything. Am I right?

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Manufactured by Mead Johnson, Enfamil A+ Infant Formula Stage 1, like most other formulas is for babies from 0 – 6 months of age. Now the reason why there are stages in these formulas is that babies’ nutritional needs are different from 0-6 months and different from 6 months onwards.

Also, from my research online and experience, Stage 1 formulas are easier on babies’ tummies. Apart from that, it is mostly beneficial for muscular development as there is a lot of difference in the mineral content of Stage 1 and Stage 2 formulas.

Enfamil A+ comes in a pack of 400gms. It is, no doubt, on the more expensive side. But on the good side, it is packed with nutrition for your baby, all that his body needs. So a cost that high doesn’t really pinch so much. I do, however, think that looking at the competition with other brands, it is slightly on the higher side. For example, Similac Advance Stage 1 is prices at Rs. 495 for 400 gms and has the same nutritional value as Enfamil A+.

Similar to all other brands of formulas, to make 30ml of milk for your baby, one scoop is required. The pack says that any amount less of a scoop full will not give the desired nutrition to your baby. So you have to ensure that a scoop full for every 30ml of water is added.

Enfamil A+ was the very first formula I gave my baby before trying the others and here are a few things I remarked when I used it:

At first, my daughter did not like the taste of it at all. I don’t know why but when she was close to a month old, I made her 30ml of Enfamil formula. She did drink about 10ml without any hassle. But after that she started refusing to take the bottle with the formula. It could be that she was used to the taste of breast milk and wasn’t ready to take anything else. It took me about a week’s time to make her used to a formula.

When she was drinking one bottle of 30ml every day I noticed that she became crankier than when I used to exclusively breastfeed her. I wasn’t prepared for this crankiness and did not even realize it could be because of the formula I was using.

Another thing which I think could be the result of crankiness was gas. I noticed she was gassier than usual. I thought that it could be somehow related to my diet. But it wasn’t because I wasn’t eating anything that would cause gas.

I used Enfamil for about a week and a half but not very regularly though. Seeing how gassy and cranky she had started to become, it only made me try another brand of formula because I did not want to give her anything that made her uncomfortable. So I then switched to Lactogen, which is preferred by many mothers.

Like I said in my Similac Advance Review, every baby reacts differently to different products. It is important to note that you will have to experiment till you find the one formula that fits your baby’s needs, especially one that doesn’t make them uncomfortable in any manner.

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