Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo – Used And Reviewed

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Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo
Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo
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  1. Free from Parabens, SLS, SLES.
  2. Very mild fragrance.
  3. Suitable for baby’s sensitive eyes.
  4. Value for money.
  1. Requires repeated rinsing.
  2. Can’t see how much shampoo is left.
  3. You have to squeeze the bottle hard to get the shampoo out.
Product Summary
It is a good product overall and is best for younger babies considering it has no chemicals in it. A good buy if you are brand conscious and want nothing but the best for your baby.
Worth for Money
Ease of Use
Skin Friendliness

I’m going to start of the review of Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo by telling you first what Parabens, SLS and SLES are.

In simple terms these chemicals are added to most of the household products like shampoos, creams, and deodorants etc. as preservatives. These chemicals are also known to cause skin irritation among other things.

Things I Liked In This Product

Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo
Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo

Now keeping that in mind, let me tell you the very first thing that I appreciated when I started using Chicco No Tears Baby Shampoo for my little one. It has none of these harmful chemicals in it. And you want what is best for your baby. I once used Himalaya baby shampoo for my daughter and I could see rashes on her head the very first time I used it. And there was obviously no second time for that.

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So, Chicco baby shampoo did not cause any reaction on my baby’s head or body when I used it. It is extremely mild and even has very little to no fragrance. Now the thing with fragrances is that sometimes the kids are allergic to strong smells and sometimes they are ok.

The fact that babies are so sensitive, you can’t experiment with whether or not your baby will accept a particular fragrance. So this is another thing that I quite liked about Chicco No-tears baby shampoo that it has a very mild fragrance.

One thing I absolutely forgot about mentioning is that it says it is no-tears shampoo. I first tested it on myself before using it on my daughter.

When I did use a little bit of this shampoo and did go into my eyes, trust me when I say, apart from fogging my vision for a fraction of a second (which always happens with other soaps and shampoos also), it caused absolutely no irritation to my eyes. So this shampoo goes by its name – No tears shampoo.

Also, last but not least, I do think it is a product, value for money. I personally think that $13 for a 200 ml bottle is worth it. This is true especially when the product contains no harmful chemicals for your baby’s skin. This one bottle of 200 ml lasted over a month. So I think it’s pretty decent for the price.

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Things I Disliked In This Product

Now talking about the things I did not like, first of all, even a little amount of the shampoo is difficult to completely rinse off the baby’s hair. It does take a while, as babies don’t have much patience when you’re bathing them. Sometimes I do leave the shampoo in if my daughter starts getting cranky while bathing. So that’s a negative for me.

Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo
Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo

Another point to consider before buying this shampoo is that the bottle is not transparent or even semi-transparent for that matter. Because of this you can’t really make out how much shampoo has been consumed or how much of it is still left.

Now that’s a really big concern for me as the shampoo finished way before I had another in stock. That’s where the problem arises.

Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo
Review – Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo

Also, another thing that bothered me was the fact that it does not come with a pump like Johnson’s top to toe or Chicco Body wash and shampoo. You have to press the bottle cap from above and squeeze the bottle to get the shampoo out. Now this is ok for older babies who can stand on their own feet.

But for younger babies you have to hold them tight and somehow manage to squeeze the shampoo with only one hand.

Once or twice I even had to hold my baby tightly with my legs and use both the hands for the shampoo. And this was when I realized that I need one with a pump for convenience and then I bought Chicco Body wash and shampoo that does the work of two for me.

Have you used Chicco No-Tears Baby Shampoo for your baby? Tell us how you think it is. We’d love to hear from you.

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