Once your baby is a 10 months old baby, he is going to be uncontrollable and you will have to be extra careful with him. You should not expect him staying at one place for a longer duration. You will see him a baby with a special interest in exploring as many places and unknown things as possible. Actually, this is going to be the month of friendship.

Physical Development

By the time your baby turns to a 10 months old baby, he will automatically develop a special kind of love for freedom and self-dependence. You will see him exploring his surrounding without anyone’s help. At this age, your baby will crawl and when they get a hold of something, they can stand up or walk. You will witness an increased level of energy in him while playing. So, be prepared for some physical activity.

From a 10 months old baby, you can expect a lot of coordination improvements. Unlike earlier months, a 10th months baby will be able to lift and pick up small objects without any trouble. Again, you need to be very careful and you should hide every risky object that can be swallowed.

At this age, babies figure out how to fit a larger object into a smaller one.

So, with a motive of keeping my daughter busy and happy, I used to give her blocks and plastic mugs of different sizes.

A 10 month baby will be able to manage to open the cabinet doors. Now he can manage to catch and manipulate the objects with the fingers. So, in order to avoid any accident, you need to be very careful.

In a 10 months old baby you will see a lot of improvement in his ability to hold a toy in one hand while using the other hand for another activity. This is a perfect example of grip, coordination (hand-eye) and improved mental ability.

According to WHO, at the age of 10 months, an average weight of the boy weighs between 7.5 – 11.2 kg, while a girl will record slightly less, between 6.8 – 10.7 kg.

According to WHO, a boy of 10 months will measure around 69.0 – 77.6 cm, while the height of girls the same age will be between 66.8 – 76.1 cm.

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At the age of 10 months, you can expect your baby to have an undisturbed sleep for longer hours. Now, he won’t be waking up for nocturnal meals at all. However, if this is not the case with your baby, you need to work on things. It is important to frame a sleeping schedule for your baby.

On an average, a 10 months old baby sleeps around 10-12 hours a night. These number of hours tends to decrease with baby’s grows and activeness. As far as afternoon or evening sleep is concerned, you can expect that your baby has two hours of sleep during the day and that too divided into two halves.


In the 10th month, you will see a huge improvement in your baby’s communication. At this age, you will witness strong improvement in your baby’s gestures.

At this age, you will see your baby imitating everything he sees. Be it how you comb your hair or answer a phone call, your baby will observe your gesture and listen to every sound very carefully.

When my daughter was a 10 months old baby, she used to imitate me by covering her head every time we visit a worship place. Whenever I asked her to tell me where the dog or a car is, she always raised her finger in the right direction.

At this age you can expect that as soon as your child hears his name, he will give a response in his own language.

I would like to make a suggestion here. Most of the parents, when talking to their 10 month baby, they try to talk like a baby. But, this is the wrong approach. Instead, talk to your baby as clearly as possible, without using words that are uncomfortable.

The point is, you are not supposed to imitate your baby, rather you need to make him imitate you. Do keep in mind, by not using right words, you are not helping your kid, but confusing him.

I know, 10 months old baby cannot pronounce correctly. However, you need to understand that your baby is going to learn every single word that is coming out of your mouth.

Food Diversification

As your baby’s food diversification is already in process, you can introduce new tastes, new fruits, new vegetables, yogurt or white meat.

By this age, as your baby will be having a few teeth, you can also serve him some thick purees and bigger pieces of certain foods (that you can cut into bigger pieces). For an appropriate diet chart, it is better to consult a pediatrician.

From a 10-month old baby you can expect having meal by his own. If you have not tried this before, give your baby a spoon and let him try to eat alone. Give him a suitable utensil that he can use easily. In the beginning, he is going to mess a lot and you should not be worried about it. This is how your baby will learn to eat alone. At the same time, you must not give him any food like popcorn, raisins or foods too small because of choking hazards.

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Tips for Parents

  1. This is a perfect age to start with potty training. However, before starting that you need to make sure that your baby is fulfilling the essential requirements. For example, your baby must be able to sit in the funnel, walk a few steps, keep the balance in a position for at least 2 -5 minutes etc.
  2. A 10 month baby is more energetic than ever and he is now eager to explore every corner of the house he sees or the object that comes in his way, you need to be very careful. A little negligence can be fatal.
  3. Now, you will be witnessing certain behavioral changes in your baby that may seem strange to you. However, you need to deal them carefully and delicately. It is a matter of your baby’s overall growth. For example, if he wants to sleep with his favorite toy, let him do that because it gives him the feeling of safety and comfort.
  4. You may also find that at this age your baby starts playing with the genitals. There is no need to worry. In fact, this is a natural curiosity about the discovery of his genitals and it should be seen as a critical step in his overall development.
  5. Also, do not forget about the required vaccination.

What interesting or unusual things did you notice in your baby, when he was 10 months old baby? We would love to hear!

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