Which milk is a best option as baby top food?

Which milk is a best option as baby top food?

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I’m a Working women…. Now my baby is 4 month old…. Should I give him lactogen 1 or other option as baby top food. Pls tell. I know mother milk is best, but if there is an emergency so which milk I should give to my baby….. Lactogen 1, Cow milk, or Amul milk…?

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Dear Himani,

Cow milk contains high PRSL load, which is not recommended for babies. So, a big NO for cow milk. Do not give loose milk, it has to be pasteurized. Cow’s milk is meant for calves to grow and not humans. My Pediatrician recommended me Farex; definitely, a better choice as compared to Lactogen or cow’s milk especially in children with lactose intolerance. I started with Lacto, but it caused constipation. So, I shifted to Farex. You can also take suggestion from doctor.

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