My baby is 6th month old now…

My baby is 6th month old now…

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Now eruption of teeth is begning

He having diarrhea from last 10 days

He passing stool like watery

Some times green in color

I went 2 doctor…. BT still no change

I m giving lectogen 1….now started lectogen 2….

Pls help me out….. WHT can I do for stop diarrhea

M giving bottle feeding… B coz m working women…… I used sterilizer also

Sir should I give him Aryuvedik medicine… Like home remedies to stop


Hello Himani,

Sorry to hear about your baby’s troubles.

no need to panic.

First of all, the green colored poop is mostly because of the iron present in the formula you are giving your baby. So don’t worry about the poop colour.

Diarrhea is very common in teething babies. And it usually lasts 2-9 days, but of course different for different babies. It happens when babies are in pain. To give him relief from pain, try giving him something to chew on like a teether.

These are readily available in the market. The best thing is freeze the teether and give your baby when it is absolutely cold. This will relieve him of alot of pain.

Please use more of your breast milk instead of formula milk
as you are working women, you can always store your breast milk.
You can read here

If the diarrhea lasts more than that, consult your doctor again.

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