Is lactogen 1 is better then nan pro 1?

Is lactogen 1 is better then nan pro 1?

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Sudipta (anonymous)

Is lactogen 1 is better then nan pro 1?


It is always recommended to have mother’s feed till 6 months

There are some PROS and CONS of LACTOGEN 1 and NAN PRO 1


Easier to digest than any other formula.
By far the cheapest formula available in the market.
Baby poop will not change color and won’t have any odor.
Makes most babies colicky.
Is known to give constipation to babies.
Does not have any probiotics.
Lactogen is best suited for your baby in case you have a tight budget as it is reasonably priced. AND if baby responds well to the formula.
No reflux or constipation problem.
You don’t have to search for the scoop in the formula.
The formula is very rich and heavy.
Expensive than most other brands of formula
Does not come in an air tight container packing
Poop smells worse than other formula
This is an expensive formula milk. But, the point is there is no formulation difference. You can read more at:-
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