Signs Your Baby Has Gas and How to Treat It

Signs Your Baby Has Gas and How to Treat It
Signs Your Baby Has Gas and How to Treat It
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Babies eat around the clock which is why it is natural for them to keep passing gas the entire day.

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Most of the times, babies get gas problems when air enters their body every time they eat or cry. So next time when you see your baby getting fussy for no reasons, having a hard tummy, bloating, uncomfortable, in pain, burping a lot or even passing gas a lot; you know your baby has gas!

There are various ways in which you can pacify your baby while she is going through this gastric phase:

Make Your Baby Burp

This is the best way he can get relieved after eating. To make him burp, hold your baby to your shoulder with his chin resting on it. Make sure she is on your right side as this will make it easier for air bubbles to escape.
Another way is to lay her down on her stomach. This way, there will be pressure developed on her stomach which will make it easier for her to pass on the gas.

Asafoetida At Rescue

You can make a paste of Asafoetida, commonly known as Hing with warm water and apply it around your baby’s navel. This will help her pass on the gas in no time and will pacify her.

Dill Seeds Water

Dill seeds, commonly known as Soyo in Hindi is a herb that improves digestion since it contains the carminative agent. You can feed two spoons of dill seeds water to your baby to pacify her from gas problems. Also, the mother can drink dill seeds water every day, it’s not only good for the digestion of a mother and her baby but also good for milk production and improved blood flow.

“Just Breast Milk” Rule

Your baby should have just breast milk and then water after she turns 6 months old. It is difficult for them to digest anything other than breast milk which can lead to gas problems in them. Also, while feeding, keep your baby upright so that it creates an easy passage for breast milk to travel to your baby’s tummy without getting trapped anywhere.

Massage For Babies

Regular massages can soothe your baby which is good for their rest naps. It develops flexibility in them and is very good for relieving them from digestion problems. You can always put your baby on her back and gently move her legs in a cycling motion.

This will develop pressure on her stomach which will make her release the gas. In addition to this, you can also massage your baby’s belly. This will soothe all those uneasiness and discomfort that comes along with indigestion problems.

Babies can really be gassy and there are certain home remedies for it which work most of the time. Still, if you feel the problem is not sorted, you can always consult a doctor.