Mistakes New Parents Make in the First Year

New Parents – Please Do Not Repeat These Mistakes
New Parents – Please Do Not Repeat These Mistakes
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Simranjit Kaur

Simranjit Kaur

Mother of one, Master of Education with specialization in child-psychology. Putting my qualifications into practice. After becoming mother, I met with real me. I am now learning new concepts of parenting every fresh day. Putting away childish ways to make room for my child's ways. Trying my level best to be a best mom.

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If you have become mom and dad for the first time, you are suddenly in a new world. Aren’t you? After the birth of a precious life, as parents your only mission become nurturing your new member in the best way you can. Although there are several mistakes new parents make in the first year. But, they should try to not to repeat these mistakes.

Being a mother myself, I know how unprepared and overwhelmed I was, when I hold my baby for the first time. Right after I reached home with my baby, I had to deal with a lot of chorus voices – suggestion of my mother, friends, aunts, neighbors, and so on. Everyone has something to say about how I should grow my baby. Here are few that I found very useful.

The Pram

First gift that I had for my baby was a pram. Though my husband suggested to not to use it for putting my baby sleep, but I never heard him until I realized that it was a wrong practice.

It’s almost an automatic reaction of all new parents: put their child in the stroller and push it back and forth to fall asleep easier. Yeah, but babies become addicted to these moves very quickly and you’ll notice that now your baby is not ready to sleep without those maneuvers of yours.

So, if you are putting you kid sleep this way, it’s good to know that sooner your kid will become a slave of this carrycot.

Fixing baby’s sleeping schedule

A lot of women around used to tell me that I must not let my baby sleep during day time, so that she can sleep during night. But, this was a wrong move. You must not think that if you keep your baby awake during the day, she is going to sleep well at night. In babies it’s really the opposite applies: if your baby sleeps well in the day, she will sleeps well at night.

Do not talk in the language of babies

Do not be stupid and speak those useless baby words, all the time. Various studies have recommended that babies like when you speak normally. However, do not go tough on this rule. If the baby laughs at your kiddish words’ experiments, use those for your baby’s amusement. In general, talk to your baby using the right words.

Baby bath

Despite having countless medically approved articles and studies, still a few of us believe that the baby should be bathed every night. This is a wrong practice and it is okay if you are not bathing your baby every night. Do keep in mind regular bathing can damage your baby’s soft skin. And, you are not supposed to bath your baby until her umbilical cord falls off.

Do not wake up during the night baby to be breastfed

Many of the ladies around told me that I should wake my kid in the midnight to feed her up. There is a common misconception that breast milk is not thick enough during the night. However, what I learned from my pediatrician – it is not good to wake up your baby for breastfeeding during the night, and one should let a baby sleep.

Conclusively, do not be an overactive parent because that is going to trouble you and your baby at a later stage. Clear your doubts about the good and bad practices and give your little one the best.