Baby Sleeping Strategies – How To Make Your Baby Sleep Faster

Baby Sleeping Strategies – How To Make Your Baby Sleep Faster
Baby Sleeping Strategies – How To Make Your Baby Sleep Faster
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In my previous article, I talked about the importance of sleeping position for newborns and what are the reasons behind babies’ disturbed sleep. As promised, today, I will sharing a few baby sleeping strategies. Using these techniques, you can make your baby sleep faster.

No Pillows

Another piece of advice is – do not use sleep pillows for children under two years. Although the pillows are often sets of bed linen, yet they are not recommended for children younger than 2 years. In fact, even older children do not need pillows. Many people think that this cushion will give baby an extra comfort without realizing that their baby actually feels good and without it.

No useless bedding accessories

Many parents decorate the bed with various accessories, fashionable pillows, teddy bears and other stuff. But, according to pediatricians, they are not only unnecessary but unsafe as well. These useless accessories can cause an unpleasant accident like suffocation or chocking.

The baby needs to feel protected

Putting your sleeping baby next to you is a good technique because it gives a sense of security and it calms; it is actually parent’s body heat that works.

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Moreover, if you baby is sleeping next to you, you can settle your baby quickly before he wakes up completely. For example, if your baby is closer to you, you can lift him anytime he wakes up and you can put him back on the bed as soon as he sleeps back. This is possible, if you baby is always in your reach and everything is prearranged.

Also, make sure the baby is doing well in the place where he sleeps. Some children find it very scary to sleep on a large bed. They feel safe only in a small swing, and wrapped.

Do not overlook the importance of supervision

As I said earlier, babies are seriously concerned about their protection. And, being a parent, you need to show them that you are always around. Always make him sure that mom and dad got no plan to leave him unattended.

Go slow, when it is about putting your baby on bed

Most of the parents complaint that their baby is good until the baby is in their arms. Let me tell you that, you really need to go very slow, when you put your baby on the bed. The idea is – you are not supposed to make him feel the sudden loss of body contact.

I used to hold my daughter’s blanket for a while to give it my body smell. Try this because it will give your child a sense of security.

Try to find out the reason behind his crying

Try to assess the reason behind your baby’s crying. For example, whether your baby is crying of fear or because of strange things happening in his mouth (toothache), you can soothe your baby with a prescribed dose of paracetamol.

Also, you can use a pacifier as and when very necessary. This will make your baby to breathe through nose and not the mouth, which reduces the risk of many sleeping accidents.

Try these baby sleeping strategies and make baby fall asleep fast