How To Groom Your Newborn Baby

Simranjit Kaur

Simranjit Kaur

Mother of one, Master of Education with specialization in child-psychology. Putting my qualifications into practice. After becoming mother, I met with real me. I am now learning new concepts of parenting every fresh day. Putting away childish ways to make room for my child's ways. Trying my level best to be a best mom.

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Baby grooming is a very difficult task, especially when you are dealing with a newborn. You cannot afford to have any mistake and you cannot allow staying in unhygienic conditions. So, here are a few tips on how to groom your newborn baby.

Baby Gums – How To Groom Your Newborn Baby

Baby Gums

Let us start with baby gums. Of course, you are not supposed to use any hard thing on gums, but a teething finger brush is a good alternative. Swipe baby gums as gently as possible.

By doing this you will make your baby comfortable with daily teeth cleaning habit. You don’t need any sort of toothpaste for doing this.

In my case, I used to do this twice a day and I did it until my baby had all her teeth. I switched her to a very soft toothbrush after she had all teeth.

Nose – How To Groom Your Newborn Baby


Nose cleaning is very important. My pediatrician told me that a stuffy nose means an upset baby. The fact I learned – the only way of breathing used by newborns is – nostrils. And, if they are not clean, this is going to upset your baby.

For this, you can use a nasal spray, bulb syringe, nasal aspirators, and steam clean.

I was in favor of two techniques; steam cleaning and rubber bulb syringe. For steam cleaning, you need a steamy bathroom. You can have that by running a hot water shower for few minutes until bathroom gets steamy. Once done, turn off the shower and take your baby to the bathroom.

Hold you baby in your lap and sit there for a while, because is going to loosen up the congestion.

For rubber bulb syringe, you need a bulb syringe that is made for babies tiny nostril. To start with, lay down your baby on the back. Squeeze the bulb syringe between your index finger and thumb. You need to make sure that no air remains in the bulb syringe.

Keep squeezing it and while doing so, insert the tip into baby’s nostril. Make sure you are not inserting it deeper. Once done, release the pressure as slowly as possible.

This will suck out the mucus. Then, release the mucus out of the bulb onto a tissue. Repeat, if required.

Ear – How To Groom Your Newborn Baby


Now comes the ears. Before I start, let me tell you – DO NOT worry about the ear wax until that is causing your baby any sort of hearing problem.

My pediatrician told me the more you wipe it out, the more it will come. He further added that earwax protects a baby’s ear canal as it seals out the moisture, dust, and bacteria.

So, all you have to do is cleaning the back and outside of the ear using a moist cotton swab.

Nails – How To Groom Your Newborn Baby


In case you don’t know; newborn’s nails grow faster than you can expect. And, in most cases, nails are the main culprit behind bruises and scratches on face, near eyes, and nose.

I still remember, how my daughter used to hurt her in the mouth and on cheeks with her sharp nails.

So, you need a nail clipper for this job. To start with, push the finger pad a little backward. This will stick the nail out and with utmost care, you are supposed to chop the white part only. Do not cut it too deep; it is perfectly fine if you leave some behind.

I used to trim her finger nail at least 5-6 times a month and toenails at least once a month.

Hair Trimming – How To Groom Your Newborn Baby

Hair Trimming

Now comes and option part; hair trimming. In the case of baby boys, you need hair trimming. Do not try to trim your baby hair at home. It is advisable to take him to a professional salon known for its services, and hygiene.

For making your baby feel comfortable about hair trimming, it is best to make your baby sit on your lap until your stylist finishes his job.

Do not forget to capture that moment; your baby’s first hair cut.

Do you have any more tips for baby grooming, please share in the comment section below.