How Do You Choose The Right Pediatrician

How do you choose the right pediatrician
How do you choose the right pediatrician
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Simranjit Kaur

Simranjit Kaur

Mother of one, Master of Education with specialization in child-psychology. Putting my qualifications into practice. After becoming mother, I met with real me. I am now learning new concepts of parenting every fresh day. Putting away childish ways to make room for my child's ways. Trying my level best to be a best mom.

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Medical care is essential for the health of the baby and mother. It is therefore highly recommended that you should start your search for the right pediatrician very early according to the periods of pregnancy. But, the question is – how do you choose the right pediatrician when the market is so full of these and every single pediatrician is claiming himself as the best one.

A harmonious doctor-patient relationship is very important for you and your baby. This relationship depends upon the selection of a right professional. In addition to your tuning with the pediatrician, the second most important thing is finding someone who can provide you with medical services before and after birth.

The best time to get started searches is between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, which means you have ample time to prepare a desirable portrait of a pediatrician.


The first thing you can do before choosing the right pediatrician is having a check on the references. As simple as it is; word of mouth rules. Ask your friends, acquaintances, relatives or work colleagues for the recommendation or review about the pediatrician you are thinking about.

You can also explore the internet and in case you have an insurance (health), you can ask them as well. There are some companies who can provide an important database, based on which you can make your selection.

Once you have got the list of your favorite pediatricians, you can further shortlist them according to your needs, specialization, and one who work closer to your home.

If options involve visiting a hospital, then I am sure, you will vote for a reputed hospital only and services that are offered by the institution.

Face To Face Meetings

Schedule a prenatal visit for every doctor selected by you and try to gain the maximum out of that opportunity. You should make a list of the questions and curiosities related to childbirth and the postpartum period.

In this way, you can judge the degree of training, the competence of the specialist, and the pediatrician’s willingness of giving as many explanations you ask for.

Doctor-Patient Chemistry

Some mothers prefer young doctors with latest practices, while others feel more comfortable in the presence of an older and more experienced specialist.

Do keep in mind that the most important thing is to notice if you feel comfortable with your pediatrician’s personality and approach or not. The chemistry between you and your pediatrician is a must.

Availability of Doctor

Besides visiting him face to face and checking his medical competency, you need to see the workings conditions of your pediatrician’s medical unit.

For example, a physician with a busy phone line is not a good choice at all. It is going to create problems for you during the hours of needs; can be a major inconvenience.

Doctor’s availability is a major concern. When you choose your baby’s pediatrician always ask whether your pediatrician will be able to devote his/her hour after business hours? If your baby gets a fever at midnight, will he be answering your call himself or his nurse on duty?

Termination Of Collaboration

Even if you’ve made a good impression at first, things can degenerate over time. If your pediatrician disappoints you or you are not happy with his service after a few checkup, do no rethink about transferring to another clinic.

There is nothing wrong in that because it is all about the safety of your baby.

Also, you’re not supposed to give any sort of explanations about your decision. Once you are convinced with your selected pediatrician’s inabilities, do not delay your decision; it is beneficial for you and for your baby.