Breastfeeding Positions for Twins

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh

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Speaking of breastfeeding positions when it comes to twins, it can be a difficult task. But definitely not an impossible one.

Some mothers think that it is better to start their twins on formula because they may not have enough milk supply to feed both the babies. It is not true at all. Our bodies adjust to the milk demand of the babies. So if you’re having twins, there is no need to shift to formula because trust us, your body will make as much milk as your babies need.

Look at some of the positions to make breastfeeding your twins easier.

Front-Cross -Breastfeeding Positions for Twins

Front Cross Position

In any position you choose to breastfeed your twins, if you keep a feeding pillow, it will be easier for you to feed. So a front cross position is a very comfortable position. Sit in a comfortable position with a firm feeding pillow.

Hold you babies in a way that each of their heads are on each of your inner arms. Their bodies should be such that they cross each other. You could place your hands on top of each other or on your babies’ hips for better support. A breastfeeding pillow will be your best friend feeding your twins.

Upright-Latch Breastfeeding Positions for Twins

Upright Latch

An upright latch position for breastfeeding may not seem like an ultimate feeding position for newborns or infants. If your twins can be help upright easily or if they can balance their head, you could try this position easily.
Sit in a comfortable position on a chair or sofa, whatever feels easy for you. Have your twins sit on each of your thigh facing your breasts. Hold them in a way that your hands support them at each of their hips while their heads rest on your arms.

Football-&-Cradle -Breastfeeding Positions for Twins

Football and Cradle Hold

Football and cradle hold is two positions in one. You hold one baby in a cradle position and the other in a football position.

Bring one of your twins across the front of your body and support his back with your hand. Your other baby is positioned under your arm and feet pointing towards your back. You should be able to support your baby’s shoulders, neck and head with your other hand.

Double-Football – Breastfeeding Positions for Twins

Double Football hold

In a position like this, you should hold both your babies in each arm in a clutched position. The right hand supports the baby on the right breast and the left hand supports the baby on the left breast. The legs of both the babies should be pointing towards your back.

As mentioned earlier, because you have twins, you should definitely take the help of a feeding pillow as it takes away most of the baby weight from you.

Just work around different positions and see which one works best for you.

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