Happy Sleeping Hours – Best Sleeping Positions for Newborns

Happy Sleeping Hours – Best Sleeping Positions for Newborns
Happy Sleeping Hours – Best Sleeping Positions for Newborns
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Newborns; sometimes they refuse to sleep. This could be becasue they are already done with their portion of sleep for the day or they have some other issues like sleeping positions for newborns.

Generally, at first, the baby wakes up crying because of hunger. He just wants to have a quick feed and then, with the same speed, he wants to sink back into his deep sleep. However, if he resist from sleeping back, then, undoubtedly, the major reason behind his disturbed sleep is his sleeping position. Let us talk about best sleeping positions for newbons.

According to experts, sleeping positions for newborn matters a lot. Doctors believe that the best sleeping position for newborns is lying on the back, and not on belly.

Although, you may feel that your child is not comfortable in that position, yet experts have reasons to believe that placing baby this way eventually decrease the number of chances where children die of SIDS’s (sidromul sudden death in infants).

Moreover, you know that your newborn is too small to understand that at this age, your baby is not aware of movements and gestures.

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To reduce the risk of deformation of the skull, you can just turn the baby’s head from side to side periodically. Also, do not use sleep pillows that keep the head in a fixed position, unless you are near and baby is awake.

Never put your baby to sleep immediately after feeding him because your baby may have a vomiting session. Therefore, after nursing or feeding the baby, make your baby burp.

After one year, your baby will choose his own sleeping position. It is good if your baby sticks to sleeping on the back position even after the age of one.

But, there are some babies, who choose one side sleeping position. In that case, make sure you baby is sleeping on the right side; opposite the position of the heart.

In addition to sleeping positions for newborns, there are some more rules that can be introduced. In my next article, I will be talking about those golden rules to make your baby sleep faster